Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Post Numero Uno

Today I decided, "Hey, I think I'll start writing a blog." I haven't had a blog since I was 13. So here we go. My plans for this blog are just kind of an online scrapbook of sorts. Of projects I'm working on and everyday life. In the posts to come, I hope you'll enjoy seeing what I'm doing!! =]

Seeing as it's September 2nd already, I figured it's time to get back into the knitting season. I sometimes wish that I kept up with it over the summer, but then again, I don't think I would enjoy it nearly as much. It's just kind of comforting after a brisk day to curl up on the couch in the evening with a ball of yarn and some needles. =] My favorite projects to do are baby items, because they're quick and oh so darn cute!! This fall/winter I have 3 new babies coming into my life (my brother's 3rd daughter, and my friends 2nd and 3rd daughters - twins!!) so I want to knit them some nice longies for winter. I got the pattern from Tiny Bird's Organics http://www.tinybirdsorganics.com/organicwool/woolpants.html You can see the pictures on that link of the sweetest little girl wearing many different pairs of longies!! For a practice run (of if they turn out good maybe the real thing) I'm just going to use some leftover Red Heart worsted yarn in baby pink and tan. Hopefully I'll post pictures of my progress! (I've already ripped them out twice...or was it 3 times?...just tonight!!) I'll start over in the morning...



Anonymous said...

Nice Blog.

BrendaR said...

Nice idea! Now I can check and see what's up in your life!