Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Baby Longies, New Shoe Rack and Carrots!!

This morning I got up and started over on my pink longies. So far I've finished the waistband. Seven rows of K2, P1 ribbing. =] Check out the pattern! They're too sweet. =]

Here's what I've done so far. =]

The next part of the pattern tells you to increase every third stitch. I needed a little reminder on how to increase a stitch - Youtube is such a great resource on how to's! I found this video on stitch increasing and it was just the thing to help me remember.

I've been wanting/needing a shoe rack badly. I found a great looking one at Target.

Ben and I went in to check it out. It was $25 - but really very cheaply made. So we opted to head over to Lowes and pick up the lumber to build a version of our own. The lumber ended up costing a little over $30 or so and we had an awesome day together yesterday to build it. It's not stained at all, and we ended up leaving the top shelf open all the way across because of a cutting boo boo, but here it is!!

I love it!! And it's so much fun working my hubby, I mostly measured, drew lines and glued, but at one point he asked me to cut some boards. I was like, "What?? You want ME to cut them??" So ladies and gentlemen, I used a compound sliding miter saw. Wish I had pictures to prove it! =]

Yup. Okay two more things. =] Monday at Maurices I found some super cute sneaks/oxfords (they were called fusion oxfords) on sale. 75% off! So I got them for a sweet price of $6.55!

See the doormat they're sitting on? It's made out of flip flops!!

Last thing!! Haha, Ben walked over to our garden (if you can consider it a garden, we got so busy with camp over the summer, it was overrun with weeds and never really produced anything...) and he came back with 3 little carrots!! So exciting! =]

Ben couldn't resist eating one on the way back up to the apartment. Haha, I've never ever heard him rave over a vegetable!! That made my day. =]


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BrendaR said...

I'm impressed! You're so crafty......and Ben eating a carrot? You just made my day!