Saturday, September 15, 2012

23 week update!


How far along: 23 weeks!

How big is baby: Um, pretty big.  But not nearly as big as he/she will get.  =]

Total weight gain: We shall see on Monday.

Maternity clothes:  My jeans that I wear most days are getting tighter.  Especially after stuffing myself at birthday parties.  I might have a couple more normal pairs in my closet that are bigger from postpartum shopping last time. ;]

Sleep:  Love it.

Best moment of the week: Still just loving the movement.  Baby is so dance-y.

Food cravings:  Nothing related to pregnancy, everything related to it being fall.

Food aversions: Nada

Symptoms: Got a pretty lame leg cramp the other night.  Luckily my hubs helped me stretch it and we put a hot rice pack on it.  But, ouch!

Movement: Yesyesyes!  And for the record, 2.0 is a big fan of pumpkin spice coffee, just like mama.

Gender: It's a mystery.

What I’m looking forward to: I'm excited to reach 24 weeks. (Viability.)

What I miss: Okay, bending at the waist without grunting.

Next appt:  This week!

Reading:  Same as last time.  And of course the occasional flip through of '20,000 Names for Baby'. =]