Wednesday, June 20, 2012

two new feet.

  Yep!  We're expecting #2! 
 We couldn't be happier and we are so excited to experience pregnancy and birth again and of course all those wonderful baby stages.

Today I'm 10w5d. =]
Weeks 6-9 I felt nauseous unless I ate, uh, constantly.  BUT, I only threw up once.  While pregnant with Ziva I threw up  (I don't remember how long that lasted, but it seemed like forever.)  I know morning sickness is a good sign, but I feel so blessed to be feeling much better recently.  Hopefully I'll stay that way. ;]

I was also really tired (of course) but I'm feeling a lot more energized and motivated too.  (Notice that lack of blog posting the past couple months?) 

This time around we're not planning on finding out baby's gender ahead of time.  I'm really excited about this and think it will be super fun, but also, have you been baby clothes shopping recently?  Gender neutral clothing is nearly non-existent.  And if they do have it in a store, it's really boring.  I'm really into turquoise (see booties in above photo) and slate grey or charcoal.  Also rich brown and just natural/undyed.  Not so much pastel yellow and green, which is what is widely available.  Unfortunately the clothing I really like (available online) is just so expensive! $32 for newborn jammies?  Seriously!  Looks like mama is going to have to order some fabric.

I feel a lot more laid back and relaxed in this pregnancy than I was with Ziva.  Perhaps because we still have so much of the stuff you "need" for babies.  A great big cloth diaper stash, pack-n-play, co-sleeper, clothes (if it's a girl), etc.  We do need an infant car seat (we borrowed one before) and a few cloth diapering accessories that just got worn out from Ziva, but that seems so minimal.

Also, I feel so blessed at the amount of 'likes' and congratulatory comments we've received on facebook.  It's so lovely to hear that others are excited for our happy news.  

This little one will surely be loved my many.

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DeliaKnits said...

So excited for you!