Monday, March 19, 2012

so truth is...

I'm a big slacker when it comes to posting blogs/pictures about Project Simplify.  But rest assured, I am doing the work.

Last week was the kitchen.  While I didn't overhaul my entire kitchen, I did focus on the cupboards that store pots and pans, plates and bake ware, cutting boards and the like.  I took everything out of the cupboards, put back what we really use, put the seasonal (mostly snowman-themed) stuff in the storage unit, and put the rest in a box for goodwill.  It feels great to have just what we use/love in the cupboards.   All pans containing teflon are gone.  Things I got as bridal shower gifts (nearly 4 years ago!) that I never use are gone too.  (I was going to post a picture, but I thought people might recognize things they'd given us and get offended...)

I love this. 

I love taking loads of unused stuff to goodwill.  I love the absence of clutter in my cupboards.  I definitely won't miss the disorganization and the pots and pans crashing down with I try to pull one out of the mess!

This week's project is: Closets and Countertops and Drawers (oh my!).  I haven't decided exactly what I'll be doing for this.  We've cleaned out and organized closets recently, but I do have a drawer or two and a countertop area that seem to collect random things. =]

Next week's project is big.  And scary.  And my husband has already offered to help.  We'll talk more about that later.

On an unrelated note - SPRING is officially tomorrow, and it is actually warm here in Maine!  Unfortunately I can't find my sandals.  Any of them.  And that is related to next week's project. =]