Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Special Days

A certain little girl got her first haircut on Saturday. =]  She did remarkably well.  She barely wiggled and didn't even let out a peep.  She didn't really smile either, but that's okay. =]  She did, however, tap her hand on the arm rest for awhile like she was bored. 

Daddy reads to keep Z entertained.

The finished product - a sweet little bob!

 After Ziva's haircut was done, she got to go on a special date with Daddy while I got my hair done.  They went to Panera and got cookies. <3  We'd been telling her for a few days that she was going to get a haircut and she would reply, "No, thanks." and even without any mention of haircuts she said, "I don't have any hair cuts..."   Once we added in the "treat" part she was more compliant. 

Me: You're getting a haircut tomorrow. 
Z: After, I have a treat. 


What a special day for a sweet little 2 year old.