Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Handmade Christmas

Little miss Z was gifted with a beautiful handmade play kitchen built by her talented Daddy and felt food sewn by Mama.

The wood for the play kitchen was all scraps from Ben's work, so all we had to pay for was the hardware (hinges and such) totaling around $15.  The stove burners are made from coasters we already had, and the sink is one of my stainless steel mixing bowls (I have plenty!).  The sink skirt was made from leftover fabric I had in my stash, and the felt food is made from felt (obviously, lol) that was .20 a sheet.  The skillet and pot with spatula and ladle are from Green Toys.    I am sooo happy with the way it turned out and Ziva loves it!  She did promptly let us know what we'd forgotten, however. ;]  She wanted to "do the dishes" and asked, "Where's my gloves?  Where's my soap?"  Later while making felt pancakes she asked, "Where's my syrup?" =]

We hope you all had a blessed Christmas and New Year surrounded by those you love.