Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Hi!  It's been a few days.  We had a lovely long weekend, doing not much more than spending time with family and enjoying the outdoors.  Yesterday afternoon's weather made me especially happy, as it was so very fall-like!  Sunny, but crisp!  Love!

This week's WIP is brought to you via my brain and rainy morning inspiration.  Ziva got these boots as hand-me-downs from her older cousins (btw, hand-me-downs = AWESOME).  They're about a size too big, but let me tell you what, the girl loves to stomp in mud puddles.  So she wears them.  I figured as it got colder she'd need a little more insulation, and these might help them fit better anyway.

Wellie Warmers!

I cast on 40 sts on 10.5 needles using Cestari Fine Merino.  I then joined in the round and worked K3, P2 ribbing until they seemed long enough. ;]  Bound off in pattern until the last 3 stitches, and then used the last 3 to work a garter stitch strap.  After a couple inches I bound off the strap and stitched it to the opposite side of the warmer, creating a stirrup so they don't ride up on her. =]

She hasn't tried it on yet, so we'll see if I regret skipping any decreases at the ankle.  I can always go back and re-do the ankle, I guess it's all trial and error when you're "writing" your own pattern.  They seem a little bulky.  Also, I tried the finished one on me and it fit nicely, you know, except for being uber short. =P

Also, to mix it up a little, I'm thinking I could pretty easily sew her a pair of these to go in them.

Okay, if I go knit the second one up before she wakes up for the day, perhaps she can splash in puddles this morning!  Or at least wear her boots to the market! =]

What are you working on?

ETA:  Did you notice the yarn?  It looks like a different color because the lighting last week was so horrible, but it's my frogged mystery beret! Oh yeah, and also the sweater dress is still on the needles.  It's just going soooo slow. ;]