Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wellie Warmers Continued. ;]

I revamped and finished a pair or wellie warmers!  Aren't they fabulous?  I decided that the no decreases, ribbing all the way down pair was too bulky for a teeny boot so I started fresh.  I put the warmers on Z's legs first then she steps right into her boots and I fold the cuff down.  Super cute, comfy, warm and they help her keep her boots on.  If anyone would be interested in seeing my notes I'd be happy to type them up and share - of course I'd want to see a picture of your finished project!  I think these would look so cute with stripes, cables, etc. 

The sweater dress is 99.9% finished.  I added a ribbed band before starting the bodice and I really like the way it gathers the skirt.  I took pictures today but they're really washed out so I'm not sharing. =P  All I have left to do is an edging around the neck and arm holes.  I did dress her in it for church on Sunday though.  Shhhh no one needs to know it wasn't really finished! =]

What are you working on?  Please share a link in the comments!