Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WIP Wednesday

{I like to pretend our 70's apartment doesn't have wood paneling everywhere. LOL}

My current work in progress. Our photo wall. =] Can you believe that we've lived here almost a year and I've just gotten around to doing this? Me either. All but the black frame (bought a few years ago at walmart or something) have been thrift shop finds. All the turquoise ones were previously different colors. I have 2 more frames waiting for white paint (which I need to go buy at some point). For some reason yesterday at goodwill they had an abundant supply of pink frames.

My favorite part about doing this photo wall (besides looking at it) is scoping out the thrift shops for frames. I love finding a frame that someone has no use for and seeing what it can become with a little paint and a smiling face inside it. Not to mention the fact that I've paid no more than $3 for each - some being even less than $1. I'm sure the 11x14's would cost me upwards of $15 if I bought them new at a department store!

Another cool thing is finding the frames with character! You can't see them too well in the picture but some of the frames have really neat designs carved into them.

As long as I have memories captured on film (just kidding they're digital =P) then this photo wall will forever be a work in progress!

And as for that thermostat? I'd like to do something like this!

{Thank you, Pinterest.}


kittymclewin said...

that is a cool idea for the thermostat! nice wall. i suppose your not allowed to paint the wood paneling. maybe if you showed the landlords your vision via photos of painted paneling then maybe they'd let you!

Melissa said...

We're hoping to start the process of buying our first house anyway, so I just keep that in mind when I hate the paneling. Hehe. =]

BrendaR said...

Love this!! You're such a thrifty girl!!

Jaimee said...

I love the frames! And I love your blog!