Tuesday, August 9, 2011

my morning

It's one of those mornings where I savor the quiet hour or so before Ziva wakes up.

I prepare my coffee and the spoon clinking on the sides of my favorite mug seems loud.

I wrap myself in a sweater and sit down on the couch with Bible in hand.

I read and pray, then knit and glance at the slideshow of pictures popping up on the computer screen. Each picture reminds me of a certain person or time and I pray or praise for them.

The wheels in my head turn while I work twisted rib across the rows of my cardigan, thoughts not interrupted by anyone or anything.

I think of what I'd like to do during my day, week, month, year, life.

I soak in the quiet, the alone, the stillness of the morning where no one demands my time.

Then I hear a tiny knock, and a "hewwo!"

I scoop her up into a hug and in that moment I hold more joy in my arms than my mornings alone have ever held.

Our day begins.


BrendaR said...

What a wonderful mother you are!! It is such a blessing for us to see you and Ben and the love you have for each other and for Ziva!! We praise God for the blessing of your family!!

kittymclewin said...

boy do i wish that was my morning. what time do you wake up?

Melissa said...

Lol. Ben leaves for work around 6:15 so I usually get up right around 6.