Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Don't laugh, but I can't tell you how much of a blessing our screensaver has been lately. Uh...that sounds so weird. Anyway. The hubs set the screensaver on our PC so that it just plays a random slide show of all the pictures we have on our hard drive. I just love glancing over at the computer and seeing an unexpected newborn picture of Ziva, or a sweet moment captured between daddy and daughter just recently. It makes me smile.

Ziva is using her words so much more lately and I love her curious nature and watching her connect things.

I love walking into a room and hearing her sweet voice say, "Hi, Mum."

I love it when she brings me my iPod and says, "Mu-ZIK! Mu-ZIK!"

I love our little conversations.

::Ziva hears my cousin mowing our lawn::

Z: Whodat?

Me: Zack

Z: Yak?

::Everytime he mows close to the window:: "Yak?"

I'm just loving the little things that make our life so sweet.

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DeliaKnits said...

I have my screen saver set to an album I titled Owen 2010. It is so nice to look back .. even though it's only been a few months. Sometimes I'm like: "phew, so glad we made it through that part!" . It is a blessing, and you're not weird. And if you are, then you're not alone!