Monday, September 13, 2010

Living Simply

I love to make things. (Could you tell?) While recently chilling pool-side with some friends, the kiddos were snacking on goldfish crackers. Which reminded me that I had bookmarked this recipe and I decided it would probably be cheaper and healthier.

My take:
The cheese puffs only have a few ingredients, which makes them really great. I used colby-jack cheese, and they came out really yummy. Two of my siblings and I ate half a pan when they came out of the oven. =] The hubs loved them too. Ziva took one bite and threw hers on the floor - but maybe she'll like them next time. ;] I think I added too much water, and may have rolled them out a little too thick because I was hoping they'd be crispier. Next time I'm going to try making them with some whole wheat flour which should help to dry them out a bit. =]