Thursday, July 22, 2010

8 Months!


She's 8 months old, folks! (And yes we are weirdo parents for putting a stick-on mustache on our baby... but it was sooo cute!)

Z is getting so big and independent! But she's still my baby. =]

8 Month stuff:
-She has SIX teeth! And boy are those buggers sharp.
-She wiggles her way/rolls all over the place, but isn't crawling yet!
-She loves to stand up "by herself" (holding onto the couch, her crib, etc.) when we put her there. She sometimes will start giggling about it. =]
-She prefers to blow raspberries at people when they talk to her now.
-She can now down a 4 oz cup of YoBaby yogurt in one sitting. Impressive! =]