Saturday, January 9, 2010

Simplifying Life

Clearly my sanity is fleeting lately. So coming up with ways to simplify life is somewhat vital to my survival. My latest way to make life a little easier is wearing a bracelet. Huh? Yeah. Rather than letting my child scream while I sit and ponder to myself, "Which side did I feed her on last time?" I simply glance down at my wrist, and see that the side I'm wearing it on, is the side I need to start on.

Genius? No. Simple? Yes.

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Bridget said...

really cute idea!!! I remember when Camden was born, I used to keep a safety pin on the side of my bra that I nursed on last!! haha Now I just wait until I leak and figure that must be the one needing a little baby!!! Heck...I'm having that problem right now and the baby isn't even here yet!!!! OK. TMI for some people, but that's life as a Mama! Funny too that I only leak on the one side that Evan nursed on when he was 3 haha. He got to the point that he didn't like the left side for some reason (hm...could it be that after 3 years it was getting a bit spoiled?? haha) and he used to make a nasty little face at me and then switch to the right side!!