Thursday, September 24, 2009

How Close Can I Cut This?

So I recently decided I wanted to make a pink, girly soaker for my little one. (See post below this one.) I grabbed a hank of pink Cascade 220 at my local yarn shop and set to it. It came out adorable, but I had quite a bit of pink leftover. So I thought to myself, "Hey, I think I could buy a hank of brown and make some cute striped longies!" So (about a week later) I went back to the yarn shop and bought a hank of brown Cascade 220. The total of these 2 items (including tax) was $13.86. I set to work on a pair of 3-6 month size longies and they came out adorable. But I still had a little bit of each color left. Braving the odds, I was able to knit up a pair of newborn sized longies with *just* enough yarn. When I had finished the rise and split for the legs, I cut my yarn and measured how much I had left. I then split it up so that each leg got 27yds of pink and 15yds of brown. The picture below shows what I had left over.

Talk about cutting it close!! And below are my finished projects! I'm so proud! Sooo... $13.86/3 = $4.62!! I feel so blessed and happy to know that I can provide comfy, woolie goodness for my child and not have to pay $25+ for each item online! (Disclaimer: I am in NO WAY implying that the ladies who get this money don't deserve it, it's hard work and time consuming!!) I'm just happy that I can provide for my child and save our family money. =]


~*Karen*~ said...

so sweet!!

Carolyn said...

Cute! I made my blue longies with about 5 or 6 3 inch long pieces leftover, i was pretty proud.

Rohanite said...

Nice idea! Your child will be incredibly well-dressed, that's for sure!