Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Here's a cute project that takes a total of say, 5 minutes? I had these socks already so I made them into babylegs! I followed this tutorial, but they are so super easy, you probably don't really need a tutuorial.

If you aren't familiar with babylegs they are basically legwarmers for babies. Since my little one can't quite wear hers yet, here's a picture of a cute kid wearing some.

I got this picture from, where their babylegs sell for $12. Mine were uhh... free? Check! Also, as the tutorial states, you can buy womens' knee high socks for as little as $1. I think I'll be making more in the future!


alicia.beaulieu.mccarthy said...

Ohhh Im making some of these asap I LOVE them soo cute and what a great idea im sure i have a few pairs of socks i can part with!

Bridget said...

I LOVE baby legs!!! I also make mine from knee highs and have some really tiny girl's knee highs to make some if I have a little girl! Zoƫ and Lilli have always loved wearing them on legs or arms!! I made Evan some when he was a wee one out of men's athletic knee highs! He looked like a little soccer player!! They saved his little knees from lots of scratches!


I love these!! wicked cute!!