Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ring Sling!

This evening I finished my ring sling! This is me, wearing our 5 lb bag of sugar baby. =] The sling seems alright, DH and I both tried it, however, the rings seem awfully small, which in turn causes there to be a lot of struggle when adjusting the fabric. Hmmm... There's always the option of purchasing the next size ring up and taking apart my sling. So we'll see.

On an equally cute note, today I received my first fluffy mail! (For those of you who don't know, "Fluffy mail" is always cloth diaper related. =]) I had ordered this super cute fitted diaper from a seller on hyena cart.

This is a fitted diaper, so it still requires a cover, because it doesn't have a waterproof layer. I'm a little sad that the cute owls will have to be covered up!

Here's the inside.

The seller ( also threw in a free snap in OBV (organic bamboo velour) doubler! Score. It is suuuuuper soft. I can't wait to try this diaper out on my baby!

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BrendaR said...

Love it! It's so cute! I think you could do this, though!