Monday, June 1, 2009

One Year

So we've been married for a year. People always say the first year is the hardest. I loved it. =] A year ago at this time we were on a plane on our way to Cancun, Mexico. Ahhh. I would looooove to be on my way to Cancun right now. Anyway. Here's a picture from our wedding.
It was a dreary, rainy day. I didn't care, because I was getting married to the love of my life. I was at the church getting ready basically all day, so I missed the hard rain. Some of our guests walked in soaking wet though. =[

Yesterday afternoon's weather actually reminded me some of the weather we had that day. I wonder if it will rain every year on May 31st? =P Let's hope not.

Last night we ate a few bites of our cake top. It held up surprisingly well. Like I figured it was going to disgusting. But it really wasn't! There were a few areas of freezer burn I guess, but other that that it was actually very moist. =]

Towel swans they put on our bed. Hehe.

We have very few pictures of us together on our honeymoon, because well, we were alone! Lol. Unless you count those ones where you hold the camera out infront of you and click, I have a few of those. The picture above was taken on a little day trip we took to a small island off the coast of Cancun. It was about a 30 minute ride on a mini cruise ship, then we spent the day exploring the park.

We spent a little while relaxing in the hammock garden overlooking the beautiful ocean.This was about the time Ben was trying to convince me that we had to go back to make sure we didn't miss this ship back. Party pooper.

The panoramic pool that I was in love with. =]Zip line!!

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Katherine said...

Great post! Loved the pictures...very sweet :-)
Happy 1 Year (and 1 day! lol)!!!
And I'm so excited to meet your baby in a few months!!