Monday, January 26, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

Here's what I've been working on lately. =]

I've been practicing cutting on my scrollsaw by cutting out fun little shapes such as bunnies trees and penguins. They're a little bit rough but this is just my first batch. =] They're painted with waterbased nontoxic paint, and later today I'm going to be coating them with beeswax to protect them. My ultimate goal is to get good enough so that I can make wooden earrings to sell on I definatly won't be selling any of these toys, because they're inspired by someone else's work. But I may continue to make and give them to the kids I love. =]

This weekend I used up some of my scrap yarn to knit a preemie hat to donate to the hospital. I have quite a bit of scrap yarn. So once I make a few hats I'll donate them. =] It's a fabulous way to use up your leftovers!! I found some really cute and EASY patterns on this blog:

Now onto my other projects...I was browsing the red tag fabric section when I found THE CUTEST striped flannel I've ever seen. Anyway I couldn't resist buying a yard to see if I could make a receiving blanket out of it. That way if someone I know has a baby boy then I already have a gift! Wa-la! So I bought some solid light blue for the back and I just started it last night. I'll probably finish it today. =] I went back the other day and they still had I bought a 1/2 a yard more and 1/2 a yard of baby blue terry cloth so I can make matching burp cloths to go with the blanket. It will be a fabulous gift set! I post pictures later when I'm done!


Anonymous said...

you spelled "WA-La" wrong its voila

BrendaR said...

Did you finish your receiving blanket? How about the burp cloths? Cute material!

Anonymous said...

you are so crafty I love it!