Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Think My Husband Is a Magical Genie

Soooo. Let me explain this. You know how on Aladdin, you rub the lamp, you get three wishes...blah blah blah. Well. Monday I was in my kitchen, where we had this very large, always a mess, drawer where I keep plastic wraps, dish towels, pot holders, etc, etc... And I was like, "I wish this drawer was a cupboard!" (Definatly not thinking that it would actually turn into one!)
Last night I had to work 4-9, and when I got home his tools were on the landing of our stairs. So I was like "hmmm why are your tools out?" (Mostly because I had been trying to get the place organized. And he was like, "wellllll I didn't feel like putting them back in the trailer." So I didn't say anything. Then he was like, "Ah! I was going to wait until you noticed, but look what I did!!"

Hooray for my hubby!! He even made a little slideout drawer above my cook books to hold towels and pot holders. Areas on the sides for wraps, baggies, foil etc, then some sheet pans, place mats, aprons and knife case on the other side. =] Yay!!


BrendaR said...

Nice Job, Ben! I always feel better when things are organized.

benny-bro said...

lol silly sis ben isnt a genie hes a fairy